Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Air dry/Acrylic Paints in Reborning

This has been on my mind for some time now and today was just the straw that broke the camels back ... so I have finally decided to "speak up" so to speak.....

I am getting fed up of roumors being spread around the reborn world about air dry/ acrylic paints.
It isn't the paints that are a problem, the problem is that some of the people using air dry/ acrylic paints in reborning don't know how to use it correctly. Just like with the heat set paints some people don't use that correctly either.

If you use the air dry paints specially formulated for reborning eg bloomers*n*bows or LDC  .... (Jo Sonjas are actually a good product for reborning also)

No they will not change colour over time...

No they will not fade......

No if they are applied correctly they will not rub off over time ....

Yes they are as perminant as genisis paints if applied correctly and the doll is cared for correctly.....

Yes you can create life like skin tones with them you just need to use it thin....

Yes they are slightly more difficult to get used to using as they dry faster and are not as easy to correct but it is achievable

Afew things to remember while working with acrylic paint:
keep it THIN and do lots of THIN layers.
Always mix your air dry paints with a thinner not with tap water!
let the paint dry minimum of 24hrs before sealing nails and lips.

there have been many suggestions that acrylics are an infirior product and its simply not the case.
I have seen babies made with the heat set paints which are not life like at all and I have heard of dolls being sold when the paint not being set properly, does that mean I should then go around saying that the heat set paints are bad and shouldn't be used because of these reasons?? No I don't think so, I think it simply means that the person who created those dolls don't know how to use their chosen medium correctly.
So in a nut shell it really comes down to the fact that there are unskilled artists no matter what mediums are being used.... an artist and their work should not be judged on the medium they choose to use but judge them on the skill they use it with.

whats the old saying... "its a poor trades man that blames his tools"...

ok off my soap box now

hugs gayle


  1. bought a kit from bloomers n bows need baby blush and clear matte sealer but can`t find it anywhere what happend to bloomers n bows?

  2. The owner of bloomers n bows passed away

  3. Are there any other makes? I too have bloomers n bows and I need to buy more. Can anyone plaes help? Thanks

  4. i now use Real Effects brand there is also LDC brand but I have not used that so can't really say what its like

  5. Is the acrylic air dry paint differnt than the acrylic air dry paint found in craft stores? What kind of sealant do you use? I bought a poorly made reborn doll that they used heat paint on but with the mohair eye lashes and the tons of glue on the inside of the head I need to use air dry paint to finish and fix her. She was just skin painted no creases.

    1. it is different it tends to have higher amount of pigment and most brands used in reborning are specifically formulated for use on vinyl. I have heard you can use Jo Sonja brand paints however I have not done this myself so can not vouch for that particular technique Matte Varnish is used to seal or a combination of matte & gloss if a dewy glow is desired hope that helps